Working as Subject Specific Student Ambassador

You know those people who stand around in those bright blue t’shirts, holding a ‘here to help’ board, and looking as bored as the board? Well, today was the second experience of being one of them.

…Well, Not quite one of them, but one where I get to stand inside in a studio and wait for a large group of people to walk up to the studio on the media arts tour for a workshop that never quite goes to plan.

Well… When I say large group, I mean 4 students and their parents, so not a huge group exactly.

BUT… other than those minor issues, Working as an ambassador is so much fun. I love being able to help people out who may not know what to think or ask or do,  or know where to go. They always have more questions than they know, and I know that because it was me in there place last year.

On my Applicant Day last year, I came in and ate from 9-3, from where I rushed to my photography interview and after 5 minutes left the room and drove the 5 hours home. On my first open day however, I was so scared, and worried, ans dazed by the huge scale of the university, of the buildings, and about how many people where there. The place was jam packed and the majority of us didn’t know where we were going or where anything was. On the tours I asked no questions, not knowing what to say, but if someone had asked me I’m sure that I would have thought of something to say, no matter how trivial it was. That is why I loved today.

I would highly recommend to anyone that is thinking about doing it or has been offered to do it, take it, It’s so worth it, plus you’ve got the bonus of free food and a nice amount of money coming your way for a few hours work.

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