Juggling University Work

Juggling all of my university work with social life and all of these new found domestic chores such as shopping cooking and cleaning my bathroom is a difficult thing to manage, even for the best of people.

Being able to organsie your time so your can have time to shop and clean etc is my life saviour. Getting a diary is a necessary to right down your lectures and workshops, but you can also use your diary to organise your free time. For example, if you need to do your weekly shop, allow two hours or so to do it. if you have a lecture at 1, plan to go to the super market for 10, so out have two hours to get to the supermarket, shop, walk home and then unpack, then you have time to get to your lecture.

It’s difficult to find the motivation to get on with your work/ revision when you’re in your house or flat, listening to people coming and going, sitting in the kitchen laughing while you’re ‘writing’ an essay.

The main distraction is living with your friends. I find that living with people who I get on with can be a huge distraction to your concentration levels. Although everyone wants to live with people who they get on with its not great for your work.

My advice — Find yourself somewhere quiet, the library, a cafe, or a classroom, put some headphones in with the music on shuffle and get your head down.

The other option is to make your room an ideal working space to be in. Make sure that your room is tidy and clean, bright an airy, not to hot or cold, and letting fresh air into the room is always a bonus. Make the room somewhere that you want to stay, light a few candles, make your bed, bring in endless bottles of water. make sure that everything you need is in your room before you start so you don’t have to keep stop-starting.

Every person has a specific way of working. Some people can work while in deep conversation with others, where as other people have to be in a silent room with only them in it.

 If you’re one of these people who are great at working while with other people, find others who also work how you work and agree to meet up.

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