New Project

The latest project i’ve been working on is ‘the mild things’ mild addictions in the modern world that aren’t particularly things people see as addictions. There are so many of these things in this day and age that can be classed as addictions; televisions, games consoles, exercise, eating, drinking, smoking. But for this project I have decided just to focus on the three that you see all the time on the high street without realising how much of a problem its become, Phones, Caffeine and Fast Food.

Only by spending three hours spread over three different days I saw a staggering amount of people stuck to their phones, trying to get their next caffeine fix and shoving connivence food down their necks so they can get back to work or college.

This is the first time I’ve tried street photography for a project so they aren’t the best you can find

Below are some of the images that are part of this project, Let me know what you think!

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