Preparing an Exhibition

The most recent project in the module of Professional Practice is the 1st and 2nd year combined exhibition. This project has been a very hands on learning curve about how to curate your own exhibition.

Each person is responsible for there own exhibition piece, however it was all about teamwork and making sure that everyone is managing okay with there pieces, especially those people with bigger pieces.

All of the 1st and 2nd years were split into groups, Photography, Film, and Mixed Media Groups.Each group had a different theme. Each of these groups had a different task in order to make the prep easier and more manageable. An example of these tasks were making posters, signage and promotion.

The first task for my group was to prep the walls in which the exhibition was being shown on. This included filling, sanding and painting all the rooms and the corridor which was being used in the exhibition. any plinths or stands that were being used also had to go through this treatment. This gives us clean fresh walls to work with.

The second part of the exhibition is arranging where the work will go and then putting it up. This part requires every person part of the exhibition to be in one room/assigned groups at the same time so the sizes and the amount of work can be seen, discussed and assigned a place on the wall and then put onto the assigned place.

The last part of the exhibition process is launching it. The launch took place 5/5/15 in Scott Building 1st floor, Plymouth University at 3pm. The launch was a success with nothing but positive comments about each piece of work. It was also an opportunity to socialize with people from other groups or years that you might not necessary have meet otherwise.

The exhibitions continues today until 5pm.

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