Being Back at Home

All students know the feeling, leaving your City of choice and coming home to your home, to your family and friends and the comfort of your own bed. I felt all of this excitement about coming home, being closer to everyone I loved, my Boyfriend, my Parents, my Best friend, Thinking that seeing them more often and being closer to them will make it easier on both you and them. And it does. But while you’re packing you forget about what you’re moving away from until you’re away from them.

By the time a week has passed I started to feel bored of being at home due to the fact that during the week when everyone else was at work or school, I was on my own at home. I live in a small village in Buckinghamshire with a VERY limited bus service and unable to drive so I quickly started to feel isolated and cut off from everyone else. I started to get lazy and forget about doing anything, I didn’t bother making the most of miles of countryside that I have around me by going for a walk across the fields, or get online and explore new photographic project ideas. I didn’t pick my camera up in weeks and I didn’t think about it, the most I did in the day was watch 6 hours of Outnumbered or watch Series Two of Doctor Who (the best series).

It was also a challenge to go from independent living to having other peoples routines which you have to fit around. When you live away at Uni you can eat what you want when you want it, you can go out whenever you want to go to bed whenever you want. Moving back home meant that I had to mold myself around both my parents and my Brother.

The weekends were great, I would spend time with my Boyfriend, get out of the village and have some fun, the same with my family and friends, but the weekdays were not great.

I found myself in a rut and not being able to get out of it.


I managed to get myself some casual work. I got a few shifts in a pub waitress that i had been KP at twice before. My mum’s colleagues husband has a Pizza Stall which travels around markets and fetes and he needed help mainly at weekends. Within two weeks I have worked 5 shifts and earned myself some money, which any student knows is an essential during the summer, and managed to get out of the village.

This money also meant that I could do more with my week, I could get a taxi or a lift into town and go to a cafe or do some shopping. It also meant that I could afford birthday presents, and not have to worry to much about how money I was spending.

Being able to come home and throw myself into a new project has definitely made the transition from city to village much easier.

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