Favorite Website for Essentials

I have always been a sucker for buying essentials, UV filters, memory cards, batteries, ECT ECT. My favourite shop for these essentials has to be 7dayshop.com. They provide wonderful products that are great quality and most importantly, the price won’t put you off photography for life.

7dayshop.com is an online seller of photography, digital and computer products. They work hard to source all the high quality products as cheap as possible so they can save the customer money as well.

‘Easy…bringing amazing value products to our customers – quickly and simply!’

Even better than the cheap prices, you can currently get up to 7% cashback on 7dayshop.com when you visit and buy from the site via Quidco.

For example the ‘7dayshop professional high-speed SDHC memory card-16GB class 10’ (link below) is only £4.99 including VAT and delivery within 3-5 days. With the bonus of cashback on top of that, there’s no other place to buy.


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