Upcoming Project, Digital Mash Up 2016 with Fotonow!

New Project Alert!

It’s time for a new Project with uni and this time we have to create a live event in the Piazza in the middle of town! It’s taking place on the 18th May (or the 25th if the weather was as bad as last year) and it’s an all day event.

For some people, this would be their perfect project, but for me, I’m secretly freaking out a little bit! I have no experience what so ever in event planning

I am learned in photography, film, I even know a little bit to do with sound and radio, but I have NEVER had to organise a huge live event. In the past when I’ve been part of exhibitions, the university would organise the event, designate roles, tell us the area we have and what we need to do to get that area ready, but this time its up to us.

Th pressure is immense but we’ve already started planning. We were told about the project less than 2 weeks ago an we already have roles, a theme, we know what equipment we need and we’re now on the hunt for some live musicians!

So far we’ve decided that the theme for this year is going to be home, exploring what home means to us and showing the people of Plymouth where our home is. Some people have decided that to them, Plymouth is home, while others have decided it’s not the place, it’s the people.

We want to connect the communities within Plymouth, the students and the residents.

I’ll keep the Blog updated on what’s going on an what you can expect on the day, but if you want to see what it’s all about for yourself, come down to the Piazza on the 18th May!

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