Feelgood Drinks

Our most recent module, Collaborative Practice required us to respond to a live brief provided by YCN. These live briefs asked us to create a final realisation to respond to their advertising needs.

As an original group of three females, we chose the brief for feelgood Drinks because of the female target audience they wanted their ads to appeal to. I would always recommend using the target audience to your advantage!

The first point of call was to gather some market research and for this we first tried to drink to see what it was we were advertising and then set up a survey to share. We made this survey on survey monkey. Its such an easy site to navigate, I would highly recommend it if you need to carry out some market research.

We decided to make a radio ad, Because one member of our group was great at sound, 2 final images for billboard ads, because 3 of us were great at photography, and a simple GIF that could be use on social media as well as other purposes as feelgood felt fit. I always try to make sure that we work to our strengths, it means a better outcome!

Because this project meant that we had to work in a group we made sure that we stayed in contact with each other by creating a Facebook chat and started a Google drive file to keep up to date, Its sooooo important to stay in contact with your group!

Because we were working in a group and we all contributed to it, we were unsure about how to go around the matter of ownership of the work, the images in particular. This was easily solved, it did require some compromise, but we all got what we wanted in the end. The member of the group who took the photos get to keep ownership of the photos, but she has to credit myself and another member who edited the images and say that it was part of the feelgood collaborative project.

Researching how to make the products is to important. Even if you’re experienced at what you’re making or you’re a natural at what you do, make sure you solidify what you’re doing, this way you get the best outcome and you don’t waste you’re time!

At the beginning of the project we created a production schedule and in this we made a detailed timeline of everything we had to do and when we needed to get it done by. By putting in a ‘soft deadline’ it wouldn’t matter if we any problems along the way and needed to run over, because we had a weeks buffer.

I am proud of our collaborative work from this term, and it ill definitely be making it onto my website soon!

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