MEDI 504: Collaborative Practice, Homefoto, Reflection

The last 4 weeks in planning this live event has been crazy in terms of ideas, idea changes, promotion, advertising, uniforms and meetings.

Very few of us in the team (excluding Matt and James from Fotonow) have planned an event like this before but I don’t think any of us have planned one to this extent before. Because of it being such an unknown world to us we are learning on the job and ultimately it means that we are doing twice as much work as people who know what they are doing because half of what we are doing is a waste of time/the wrong thing to do etc.

The first port of call was to work out what roles we wanted within the event, and most of us fell into those roles naturally. Faye took charge of our first meeting outside of timetabled hours in the first week of planning so the project manager role was handed straight to her. Everyone else volunteered themselves for particular jobs as we went down the list of things that needed to be done. Some of us put ourselves up for multiple roles while others sat back and waited to see whatever was left. Similarly some people volunteered for jobs that they knew they were good at and could do well while others pushed themselves into jobs that they hadn’t done before.

I put myself up for the marketing role along with other members of the group who felt that this could be their strong point. Meg wanted to take lead in this role as she had previously done marketing. I wanted to take on this role because marketing through social media was a big part of this role and I felt that because I promote my own website through social media I could transfer the skills.

However along with this role their were other aspects that I hadn’t though about when volunteering myself. My main struggle so far in this role was making the marketing plan for the rest of the group to follow. Due to my lack of knowledge in creating an event I didn’t know what should be in a marketing plan and what I should expect the rest of the group to do. To overcome this problem of not knowing where to start I downloaded a template and started to fill out the prompted questions to help me create the plan.

In Promoting the event we have created a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, all using the #homefotoplymouth. Social media is popular with our own age group so by using this we are hoping to advertise to our own demographic. We are also currently in talks with the big screen on the side of the house and a poster is being made for that. The posters are also going to be used for the big screen in the Piazza prior to the event.

Our next step in promoting the event is to talk to the herald and other newpapers/magazines, as well as the whats on! facebook page that is available for locals to see current events to try and push the event into being seen more.

My own idea has slightly changed from the original idea. I was going to create a grid of 16 polaroids (4×4), each image being a snapshot from something from home over the Easter holidays. However, after finding a small selection of old polaroids that are around 13 years old that were also taken by me at home I decided to included these archived images as well. These polaroids are on a different film than my newer ones so are a different shape, more rectangle. I intend to still present this in a grid but it wont be a 4×4 due to the shape of the older polaroids.
 For the benefit of my tutors I have included drawings in my sketch book.


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