After searching for over an hour last week for a GIF to take inspiration from I was still none the wiser to  what I wanted to create myself. I admired all the work that I came across and although I loved them all I didn’t come across one that filled me with inspiration for my own.

I know that I want to make one that’s simple to the eye, but other than that I an unsure of what I can do that reflects myself in the form of one moving image.

In my search for something simple I came across the work of Tanya Benet, an art and design student turned life coach. Her website tells her story of her finding her way, as well as a blog page, full of beautiful photography. Her website design allows her to use her own photography as her page headers and two in particular caught my eye and that’s because they are GIF’s. They follow the premise of what I have been looking for, something simple, but still asthestically pleasing, beautiful but simplistic imagery, it cannot be faulted.


Figure 1

She hasn’t use any kind of cinemagraph influences, it’s a basic stop motion animation, seemingly created by using photoshop or similar. This is the same technique that I used in my previous GIF series that is on this website, which means I am familiar with the process of creating something similar to her work.


Figure 2

I tried to get in contact with her by email asking about her thought process behind making the these GIFs however she has not replied yet



Benet, T. (2015) ABOUT. Available at: (Accessed: 12 May 2016).

Benet, T. (2015) MY PHILOSOPHY. Available at: (Accessed: 12 May 2016).

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