Following in Tanya Benet’s footsteps I have started the process of making my GIF as stop motion, building upon an original self portrait. On top of the portrait, rather than a flower crown, I intent to add my own items that represent me and mean something to me. For this I want to add things such as photos, items such as the ring that belonged to my mum etc.

Out of the four self portraits I only chose two that I thought would work for this idea. I chose the two that had the most ‘dead space’ in which I could fill. When it came to edit them I couldn’t decide whether I wanted it Black and White (like Tanyas) or full colour. I edited them both both ways and this is how they look:



This is the first image. My body fills more space within the frame compared to the second image below.



This version allows more space for filling with personal items and still captures as much of me as necessary E.G, head and shoulders. My face is also straighter and turned more towards the camera. My face is also less squinty towards the sun and more relaxed.

Deciding between b&w and colour is a difficult decision. Although I love the idea of having a B&W image with coloured items, I love the colour palette of the colour image, full of soft browns, greys and pinks .

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