For the ‘uniform’, we were originally unsure of what to wear on the day of the event. We knew that for the event we wanted an item to combine us all, making us all look more professional.

We brainstormed some ideas; we needed something that stuck with the theme of home, we even entertained the idea of wearing pyjamas! Ideas consisted of home died tie-died t shirts, making logos, and using one of the posters as a transfer.

Originally we had the idea that one of our group members could make the prints for the t-shirt themselves, however this idea fell through quite quickly.

We settled on the idea of using a screen print with help from Mike, a lecturer in the faculty, and designing a logo, which Luke created.

Abbie, on behalf of the marketing team, sent emails back and forth to Mike who agreed to meet us and help us with the screen printing, however at a later date we found that Mike couldn’t help us with what we needed due to the fact he didn’t have access to the right equipment. We then got in contact with a 3rd year student who we knew to have the equipment we needed to make t-shirts. This also came with problems though, mainly due to the time restraints and he himself had an upcoming deadline for his final project.

With a week to go we were running out of time to get the t-shirts made and ready for the event.

On the 9th May at the Fotonow meeting we all discussed new ways to get the effect that we wanted. Some options we discussed were small badges, getting a quote in town for printing or iron on transfers.

We knew that at Fotonow, they had access to a badge press, we also knew that with amazon prime we could order the transfer papers for next day delivery. However for the most professional looking t-shirts we wanted to see how much it would cost from a Garment Printing shop. At this point the budget was very tight, so the price needed to be very low in order to do it, and the estimate cost of £130 was just to high.Quote

For the same amount of work but using transfers instead it would only cost £9.99 plus printing costs.  We decided that of our time restraints (only 1 week left!) transfers would be the best route to go down, just with the knowledge that they might not look as how we would want them in the most ideal world.

This idea was further progressed when we learnt that in illustration there was a member of staff who could show us how to use the heat press, and informed us that we could get the transfer paper from the library store, meaning we wouldn’t have to worry about shipping time etc.

Jo, who is going to help with the heat press is only in the university on Mondays and Tuesdays, so when we went down on the thursday prior to the event we didn’t know whether it would be possible to do what we wanted. However everything went to plan and on the Monday before the event (16th) we managed to get the t-shirts made


This is the logo that we used on the t-shirt, this matches the logo on the business cards and allows the public to clearly see who is running the event and who they can go to for any questions on the day about the work or events.

On the back of the t-shirt we had ‘CREW’ printed

Vicky and EJ printed the t-shirts



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