Last week I took the self portrait with help of peers that would late on become part of my GIF. I decided to carry on down the route of the making a GIF inspired by Tanya Benet’s Gif with the flower crown. I collected some items that I thought represented myself and what I thought others might choose to represent me. The items I chose were:

Car keyring: This key ring is from my Aunt Clare that she gave to me as a christmas present several years ago. It has always had a place on my house keys and has been bashed about so much that the bottom of it has fallen off.

Portable Charger: My mum always comments about how quick I always answer the phone when she rings. The reason why is because my phone was in my hands to which her response is ‘It always is’, and because it’s always in my hands, 80% of the time being used, it always needs to be charged.


Nikon Lens Cap: I have always used Nikon, ever since getting my first DSLR, so this lens cap is always left somewhere around the houseDSC_0105

Golden Snitch watch necklace: Knowing that I was a Harry Potter fan, by brother bought me this Golden Snitch necklace for christmas, and this was the first christmas present that he has picked out for me opposed to my parents, so the fact that he got such a thoughtful present means a lot to me.


Hairbands: I always have my hair up, whether its in a half- bun style or a pony. It’s a common thing for me to go to the hairdressers and get it drastically cut so it’s easier to style, but it will alway end up thrown on the top of my head.

Galaxy: I have always had a sweet tooth, and galaxy has always been one of my favourite chocolate.

Goblet of Fire: This keyring was a souvenir from the first time I went to Warner Bros Studio Leavesdon. This key ring is  not he same set of house keys and the other keyring, along with a bunch of others that make up a collection of memories.


Mascara: My house house always comment about how I get up every morning and do my make up before leaving the house, and the biggest reason I do that is due to the fact that I have such blonde eyelashes I almost look scary without it! In the morning the only thing that will make me seem ready and awake in the morning is a coat of mascara.

SD Card: Along the similar lines of the lens cap with this one, I have so many SD cards, so many of them lost, so many broken, and loads that are down the cracks of the sofa or buried in the junk drawer.

To build my GIF I have printed the black and white image onto A3 paper, and on top of this I have added one item per image. I laid them in a random sequence but kept them in the same place for each GIF.



This was the first attempt at building my GIF I used manual on the camera. The settings I used were:

Shutter Speed: 1/40

Apperture: f 4.5

ISO: 200

For this GIF I used AUTO white balance and I think this is what caused the colour difference between frames. The picture also slightly moves in this one.

All of these factors spurred me into making the second GIF.



The main difference with the second GIF is the fact that I present the White balance under the lights before taking the pictures. This definitely reduced the color difference and kept it at a better white balance all the way through. However there was still a slight difference in color and because of this I decided to give it one more go before editing.

(Smaller change: The delay is slightly shorter on this version. ATTEMPT ONE had a delay on the first frame of 2s and 0.5 subsequently, This one has a first frame of 1s and after that o.2s)


GIF-3In my third attempt I closed the blinds around the room to try and keep any natural light to a minimum. However this image seems to have more colour and light changes between the frames.

Between these three I feel like the second attempt has worked out a lot better than the other two.

Tomorrow I will be trying it again but with a different arrangement of objects. Hopefully I will be able to sort out the lighting problems then.

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