After creating my last set of GIFs I decided to try them again but this time try to make them more slick, better composed and more professional looking.

I started by thinking about the composition. As you can see in Benet’s GIF her flower crown follows a line pattern, starting at one end and finishing at the other. In comparison to my version the objects are very erratic with no general pattern or structure. My items are also scattered across the whole frame where as Benet’s is contained to one particular area of the image.







I tried to arrange the items in the next composition more like I previously described, however my items are larger than Benets so by trying to keep them confined to the same space it would look more crowded.



This GIF is much faster paced than the previous attempts which is something I wanted to try, but also something that I didn’t like. I think it needed to be slower so you can take your time to see and understand what the items are. There is also a movement of the image after the first frame, but this is more of a camera movement than a picture movement.



Again in this one there is an inconsistency in the positioning but the lighting definitely looked better than before, as well as I much prefered building the items up the side as the eye seems to accept it and follow it much easier.


This is my final GIF. I’m really happy with the finished result. I was really worried that It would seem like the easy option out of making this type of gif and a cinemagraph but the amount of times ive had to re do it and alter bits etc I know that there wasn’t an easy option and each option had its difficulties.


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