Posters and Flyers in my mind are one of the important parts of the marketing process. They are the part of marketing that will attract the visitors to the event, you can put the posters in peoples hands and then you know that they are aware of the event. It  also meant that getting them out as early as possible was important in getting the word around. The posters in this case went out around 1 week before the actual event. In an ideal world these posters would have gone out sooner but a few things held us back.

We found out the final budget for the event around 26th April, and without any money to hand we were not able to print any posters. The final budget of £300 had been decided and a meeting with Vicky and Phil confirmed that we would have access to the £125 for printing via the Media Arts printing card that is stored in the hub.

We asked on our Facebook group chat if anyone who like to volunteer to make an array of posters and Andy agreed. He made a vast selection of posters

Below are the posters that were designed by Andy 
13072140_1252946244718727_927610995_o 13072149_1252946264718725_2116648534_o 13078295_1252946258052059_709801774_o0 13078295_1252946258052059_709801774_omijne
13105919_1252932491386769_1563669269_o13106784_1252866031393415_1247824843_o13112729_1252988094714542_86835000_o 13113138_1252932484720103_1374084452_o 13113153_1252866024726749_622916135_o 13120343_1257094617637223_1512651111_o.png 13120592_1257094484303903_339160436_o.png 13120813_1257094567637228_588386759_o.png 13148167_1257094514303900_2099153705_o.png 13148353_1257093750970643_740159534_o.png HomeFoto HomeFoto1 HomeFoto2 HomeFoto4

We decided on two final images for the posters that we’re released about a week before the event. The images we chose are below:



The first image was made by Faye. We found that these two images had most representation to the theme of home.

These were used as initial posters to first advertise the event prior to the event. On the day we wanted to be able to have out flyers to bring passing people who didn’t necessarily know the event was happening. For this we decided to create a new flyer that had a schedule of the days event on the back. Abbie took charge of this aspect. She co-ordinated with Jess who was in charge of scheduling using the Facebook group chat to get the right information on the leaflet.

On the day of the event we wanted to show some slides on the big screen of the photos that the public had submitted to the hash tag #homefotoplymouth. I made the slides and decided I wanted to to create them with a clean and simple design. They didn’t need to have to much on them, only the essential aspects. These consisted of the homefoto logo, the image and quote they submitted, the hash tag and a short description of how to get involved.

I tried to make a template and stick to this template.  I first created some sort of background. I didn’t want it to be plain white and I felt like that could be quite boring, but at the same time I didn’t want the background to be to overpowering as the image is meant to be the stand out feature. I decided to do a small amount of gradient, using the same tone of blue that was used in the original posters, and only keeping it at the top of the page almost to represent a sky.

I put the text on the right hand side of the slide and the images on the left so when you read the slide you see the image first and then read the quote (the eye naturally reads from right to left across the page, like reading a book).

Some small changes happen from slide to slide mainly due to the fact that the images change orientations and sizes. This meant that to keep the text in the middle in had to be moved slightly etc. The hashtag also has to change to with the portrait images because of the original positioning. I placed it at the bottom of the left hand side to fill the empty space below the landscape and square images. It also acted like a footer.

Georgia Hare

With a landscape or square image the hashtag was placed at the bottom of the page to fill the white space. However the portrait images were different.

Sophie Pye

This is an example of a portrait image. It takes up the space where the hashtag originally was so I had to move that across. However because of the logo I couldn’t align it to the centre so rather than moving the logo and the hashtag I tried to keep it the same as possible so I couldn’t align it. I have however aligned the bottom of the logo with the lowest point of the hashtag

I also noticed after sharing on the google drive that there is a dash in the word ‘pictures’, so this had to be changed.



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