To try and get the posters more widely seen we aimed to get the poster that Andy had designed on the two big screens in Plymouth. One of them is the screen in the Piazza where the event is to take place, the other being on the side of The House on Campus.

To see if we could get the poster on the Piazza, Abbie emailed Kevin who is helping us with the technical parts of the screen. He replied very quickly saying that he would be more than happy to help. He put it on the screen that very same day.


The house was Matt’s job which he volunteered for and for this he emailed the technical in which help run the screen. They were not as responsive as Kevin but the poster did get displayed around the same time as the Piazza screen.

Having these posters displayed has hopefully pulled in more people than only posters being posted, and although this happened as well we wanted to maximise our chances of a busy day. The real bonus of it being displayed at the Piazza is that the very screen it’s displayed on is going to be the screen we use in the event, meaning that the people who walk past the screen on an occasional basis will know that there will be an event on their route, hopefully drawing them on.

We also wanted to get an article in the Herald, both online and on print. This took a while to try and arrange. I tried to find the previous years events on the website to try and find the journalist who wrote the article for them. I found the article but the byline stated that the article was published by ‘Plymouth News’. We decided the best bet was to email the news desk with the email that we found on the Plymouth Herald contact page. This is where I contacted Rachael Dodd, a journalist from the Herald. She was more than happy to write an article for online and print. I sent her the press release and the group photos, and I also sent her a quote of what home means to me. I continuously checked the herald page but no article got published, so the day before the event I emailed Rachael to see if it was going to make it online. Before she replied to me the morning of the event another member of the marketing team called the news desk and organised a photographer to come and get some pictures of the event. While that was happening I had received an Email from Rachael who told me that an article had gone out that morning at 9.30.

See the article on our event here:

An email was also sent to local businesses from Plymouth Social Enterprise Network to advertise events that are happening locally. We didn’t get in touch with the company, however we think that they must have found out about the event via the Twitter page as they advertised that particular platform as our contact point. The email was sent to Fotonow CIC, and they forwarded the image below:




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