The Homefoto event on the Piazza was a success! We didn’t have to reschedule and the audience was so receptive to what we were doing.

On the morning of the event we had two teams for set up. I was part of the second group who arrived at 9, and our job was to fill and decorate the exhibition space, live portrait studio and the big screen content. These roles were not official split up between the people in the group however we all new what was going on in different sections, for example Carl and Eloise had prepped the whole of the big screen and knew what had to happen there so they took charge of the that, where as I was stationed at the portrait studio for the second part of the day so I helped set that up. However my main job for the morning was to document the set up. Between 10-1 I had the job of taking photos on the day so I started this when I arrived to make sure I documented everything I needed.


In the morning while setting up we didn’t have the greatest weather. The rain was pouring down while the wind was making it even more difficult to set anything up.


The wind and the rain thankfully subsided leaving enough time to finish setting up. Once the majority of the sound equipment and the studio was set up a sudden burst of rain landed over us and with this we put up two sides of the marquee to try and protect the soft furnishings and equipment.


This worked to protect us against the rain but once wind picked up we had to take of the sides because they started to act as sails. The rain didn’t get to bad after this point, only one burst nearer the end of the day, around 2-3 PM. The wind was the main problem and at one point the top of the marquee started to fly off.


The inside of the Dome wasn’t completed by 10 AM which is what was stated in the schedule, but this wasn’t to much of a problem; the rain deterred people from arriving that early.


Ewa, Mengyan, Trista and EJ were the main creative directives for the inside of the dome and they did a great job of making sure that everyone’s work was displayed in the best way, while still keeping to the theme of home. The wallpaper was Ewa’s ideas and it made the dome feel more cosy, like you’re in a living room of a home opposed to the dome. 

Although I didn’t spend much time in the dome, I was told by those who did that everyone who visited the exhibition really enjoyed what we all showed. Other members of the team also said that the portrait studio was the part of the event that the audience were attracted to first, and from there they visited the exhibition.

The photo studio attracted a lot of attention but at first the process was slow. I think that once we had a few pictures to go on the screen and the live feed was going people started to understand what we were doing. I also think that a lot of the time people don’t want to do something if they’re the first, almost like a social phobia or social anxiety. Quite often a group of people would come along to the studio and would only do it if their friend, partner, etc went first.


We used our social media platforms throughout the day to keep our followers up to date with what was happening. It was also a good way to remind people that the event was still happening and keep them up to date about when everything was ready to get going, see what it looked like and whether it would appeal to them. Another reason we wanted to keep up to date with the page is so people remembered to come down. A lot of the time there can be events on Facebook that aren’t real, get cancelled last minute, or just never happen, and by letting people know that we were on the Piazza setting up meant that they knew that wasn’t the case.

On the day I was documenting the event by taking pictures of the overall event, starting with the set up, and then swapping with Stella at 1PM. After I swapped I was then taking the photos for the portrait studio while Stella took over taking the photos of the event. I loved the fact that I changed half way through the event because it meant that I could interact more with the audience and the rest of the team. When I was taking photos of the day it was great to get pictures of everyone enjoying themselves but it felt quite an isolated job because I had to be focused on what other people were doing. This meant that it was a light relief to start the portrait gallery; it was the more interactive part of the day. However, out of the two types of pictures I definitely thought that the pictures I took of the event were better images than the ones in the portrait gallery. This could be because I had a bit more time to get the pictures right on the first stint, or simply because I was using my own camera and I knew how to use it better than the Canon 5D mk || that we used for the portrait studio. I had never used one before so I, naturally, didn’t feel as confident

The early starting group had the chance to leave early, leaving at the end of the event opposed to leaving after the pack down. I was part of the late starting group so I stayed for the pack down. This involved bringing down the marquee and the dome, as well as sorting out smaller issues like conning off the area to keep the public away for health and safety reasons.

We managed to pack down quick and efficiently, and luckily the weather was on our side so we didn’t have to pack down in the rain. After we bought down the structural parts, we loaded the van with our equipment, the sound engineer pack away his equipment and Faye called the electrician so he could pack down the electrics.

After everything was back in the van, the pack down team walked across to Scott building where we unloaded what was ours and took them to our base room.

Thank you to everyone who came along to the event and made it as successful as it was. All of this planning would have come to nothing without an audience to share it with.

All the photos of the day and from the portrait studio are now on our Facebook page at:

If you want to be able to see the pictures but you don’t have a Facebook account, you can see them, including these photos above, using these links here:

On the day:

Live Portrait Studio:



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