New from Old

With moving back to Plymouth for my third and final year of uni, I haven’t had much time to think of something fun and exciting to do with my camera recently, but I still had the desire to create something new, something that I hadn’t done before. I took half an hour one evening to go through just some of the thousands of photos I have stored on my hard drive and came across this image that I had made as part of my A level 2 years ago


I made this photo very simply using the paintbrush tool on Photoshop, and although it was a simple process, it took hours of patience and concentration to create. However, it is the type of work that doesn’t have to rely on lighting, model availability and sociable hours, it was something that I could create in my own dedicated hours. This gave me the idea of creating something else using Photoshop using the same original image.

I started off by taking the original to this image and changing it into black and white:


I decided that I wanted to create an overlay effect to bring in the theme of natural beauty, combining the beauty of the

model with the beauty of mother nature


I wanted to use this image for a couple of reasons. The first being the bold contrasting colours within the image would stand out against the black and white image. I also wanted to use this image due to the symmetry in composition. You can see that both the flower and the model are positioned to the left of the frame with the focus of the image being one third down.

When combining them together, I cropped out the part of the flower picture that doesn’t cover the skin of the model using the magnetic lasso tool. I then changed the opacity on the top image so the model would show through the flowers.

This is the effect that I was left with:


I tried this with another two images:



I repeated the same process, but this time converting the nature image to black and white to see what effect I would get. This was my final result:


Because I found this image to have a subtle power, I decided to see what the first image would look like in black and white. I thought that if I liked the overall effect the black and white images could turn into a new long term project, with the ability to transfer into film photography an playing with the effect of double exposures in the dark room.

This is the image in black and white:


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