Illuminate 2016

Illuminate 2016 is part of the Mayflower 2020 celebrations to commemorate the Pilgrims reaching the new world in 1620, which lead to the first Thanksgiving.

Plymouth Culture curated this project as part of the Mayflower 2020 celebrations; it consisted of a choir, speeches, poet laureates and dancers, as well as a parade that started at the Mayflower steps and travelled to Plymouth Guild Hall.

Because this is a new event, the funding that was necessary for a spectacular event wasn’t readily available so Plymouth Culture created a crowdfunder in which people could donate and contribute towards the evening. In total £10,028 was raised, which beat the £10,000 target Plymouth Culture were aiming for!

For this crowdfunder a promo video was created as well as images taken by myself off all the hard work the children were putting into this years event.


2 out of the 4 images that were used on the page were my own, while the other 2 were taken by Fiona Evans of last years event


Above are the two pictures that got used for the crowdfunder but here are a few others that I also loved




In preparation for the event, multiple workshops were held to create content for all aspects of the evening, including costume and projections.

During October half term a workshop was held at Plymouth School of Creative Arts where by parent and children could come along and create costumes for the parade. These costumers were made out of willow that was bent into a shape of an animal, covered in cling film and glue, and then decorated with lights and other materials which made them pretty and colourful.

There was also a workshop that I attended that created drawings for the projections against the guildhall. It was amazing to see the ideas start to come to life, and then see them projected, I felt like I was part of the whole process and it was so insightful to see how much hard work went into just the initial drawings.

The parade itself was a magical experience, with so much light bouncing around Plymouth streets, it really pushed the importance of community, friendship and teamwork because without those three basic factors, something like this that involved the whole city would never have been able to happen.



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