Finding Motivation 

Since September, I’ve found it hard to get back into the swing of Uni, finding the passion and motivation to throw all I have into the course and into the work I produce. This mentality has seeped through into my practise in general; disregarding my camera and it becoming a dusty bag in the corner of my room.

But I don’t want to lose the passion that I had for photography, and sometimes I need to reignite that passion and realise why I’m doing Media Arts, and why I wanted to make this into my career.

Over Christmas I was back at home for 5 weeks, and in those 5 weeks, I only used my camera on 2 occasions, My cousins 2nd birthday party at the beginning of the break and right at the end of week 4 when I spent a weekend in Bath. The mind set difference between these 2 events were astonishing. at the birthday party I had limited enthusiasm, and although I wanted to take some great pictures of the Girls at their party for both myself and my family, I felt like giving the camera to any one else and saying ‘here, your turn now’.

While at home at Christmas I had no editing software so the pictures I took stayed on a hardrive, not doing anything

In the weeks that passed, I didn’t pick up up the camera, and I didn’t miss it either; but out of habit I packed the camera to take to Bath with me for the weekend. On this weekend I took the camera out with me multiple times, and the excitement of getting a good picture started to come back.
















As soon as I became reunited with my iMac, I got straight on with editing and messing around with the pictures I took, and found that I had taken some really  lovely images, and this got the creative juices flowing again which has led me on to writing this post. I am desperate for this excitement to carry on through the rest of this semester, leading me to Graduate on a high and enjoy my future career in this subject.

Being in an unmotivated slump feels like it’s not going to get better, or  that you’re going to find your way out of that hole that you’ve fallen into, but now i’ve started to get out of it, I want to think that this slump was also going to happen after being in university for 2 1/2 years, and a further 2 years of  A Levels, that subject is going to become a chore, and you’re going to find a point where you don’t throw yourself into it as much. But what also happens is that you find something that reignites the passion and longing to do whatever subject you’re unmotivated in, and this will propel you into loving it again.

I am no way in love with university again, but I am slowly falling back in love with Photography, and learning, no matter how slowly, how to keep myself from falling back in that metaphoric hole.

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