Website Changes

Over the coming few weeks the website will be changing quite often as I try to find the layout that works for both the blog and the more professional portfolio side of the site.

I don’t want to have to take down the site as it gets refurbished for a couple of reasons. I really want to get back into blogging regularly, and hopefully expand the subject base of what I talk about; keeping the site live will mean that I can hopefully get back into the routine of writing a post every week before the final refurb is complete. I also want to get a feel of whether the website is working in it’s new layout with how easy to it is follow, see what I post and how each item is represented, and as well seeing it for myself I can also get feedback on how well it’s working from people who visit.

The main aim for this overhaul is to make it more slick and improve the overall look of the page, as well as put out new, exciting and varied work on the site, get on top on the work that I put out and to take pride in what I show.

As you might already have noticed, the general theme has already changed, and changed will keep coming, this theme might not stay if I don’t feel like it is working for the site, or smaller, more gradual changes might be made along the way.

Hopefully, more work will be added to my portfolio in the next month or so, and then regularly updated.

I hope all the hard work in changing the site will make it a more enjoyable read


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