Street Photography

Street photography is a subject area that I have delved into a couple of times before, but I have never jumped into it with both feet.

My first venture with street photography started with an A level project, where I would take portraits in London, which ended with some really strong results. I converted them into black and white to make the series flow nicer as there was such a large colour range throughout the pictures that it looked rather disjointed.

I added a strong contrast, increased shadows and highlights and this seemed to gel them together.

After this project the idea of street photography got dropped and the pictures didn’t resurface or get published in any other format than my workbook for that particular module


In the first year of uni I decided I revisit the format of street photography for the series ‘The mild things’ (This should be up on the website soon!) This series was based around addictions that aren’t necessarily considered dangerous or serious, but are nonetheless addictions. For this project I focused on fast food, caffeine and mobile phones.

With this series, I knew that I wanted to publish them in a book format, so I made sure that all the images were landscape, which would make it easy when coming to arrange the layout of the book.The composition of each photo was taken with the premise of wanting to keep the item of ‘interest’ the focal point, so whether that be keeping it dead centre of the image, cropping out faces or other features that would distract from the image, or taking the picture when it’s standing out against an opposite coloured item.

I have planned another trip into London to try and revive the first set of pictures that I took, hopefully have some fun with the concept and end up with some great results

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