Learning new software

I always find that learning new software is what takes the longest in nay project. I have just started learning about InDesign, which is featuring heavily in the workbook that I create and present for this years Independent Practice module.

Although it is challenging learning something new from scratch, especially when you have a ton of other work to do as well, it’s always satisfying when you get to the stage of feeling confident and being able to help other people who are also in the same boat as you.

The first time I used InDesign was earlier this month to create a Research and Development Poster for Independent Practice. The purpose of this poster, designed as A1, was to convey the starting point of your research, explain the development of ideas and concepts and show the base of your research, before progressing and making work of your own. Test pieces were also advised, and for this part of the brief, I made sure to use my own images on the poster, explaining what I was planning on doing with them or those that are similar.

This is the poster that I created:


Some tweaking to the text was made was after tutorials and feedback, but the layout is the same as that submitted.

Using my own images meant that I could show what I was capable of in terms of photographic structure,  each image placed in order of how they are presented in reality (sun at the top of the page, grass at the bottom), with the text being in three columns to resonate with the three images.

I am proud of what I have created on the first attempt at Indesign, and I can only hope that with time being spent on the workbook, the range skills that I gain can only get bigger!

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