Next Project!

Remember how I said I wanted to create soundscapes back in the summer? (If not, then look here)

Well, I’m now getting around to actually doing it! My next project, ‘Immerse’, is based around combining a still image, with a sound scape that represents the piece on the wall.

The concept behind it is that you can immerse (hence the title) yourself in the image by listening to the sounds filling your ears, imagining that you, the audience, are in that place.

The sounds are meant to be familiar, evoking memories that you may have had, for example, if there was a beach with a childs laughter in the background then it might bring back memories of when you yourself was a child on holiday with your family?

By using memories and emotion I’m hoping that the person viewing it will see the photo in a sentimental way, as if it is a picture of theirs, like how our own pictures bring back our memories.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my work, hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon.

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