Tips and Tricks For Getting S**T Done

With Exams starting to round up, final deadlines passing and packing up and going home for the summer arrives, this is a busy time for everyone. Sometimes, you just need to put aside some time and get everything on your to do list done (honestly, it’s a weight off your shoulders once it’s done!)

After 3 years of running through the routine I have managed to run together a quick list of things to do when you need to get the list of a million things down to 0!



So many times, I have put off something just because ‘I cant be bothered’ Or, ‘that’s such a big job, I don’t have enough time to do it now’. Rather than think of excuses of why not to do it, just get up and do it. One task may be a too bigger job, but what about that other thing you have to get done as well? Or is there a part of that big job that you can get done to make it smaller? Stop saying “naaaa, not right now’ and switch it to ‘I’ll do what I can now before I have to do …’



This is something that you’ve probably heard sooo many times before, but that’s because it works. For example, say you had to do something boring and mundane like clean the kitchen, Break it down into smaller tasks. Start with doing the washing up, then break and have a quick cup of tea or a chat on the phone to a friend, then come back and put the washing up away and wipe down the sides, mop the floors, and then have some lunch. By breaking down the job into little jobs, its feels more rewarding, and you still get a huge job on your list ticked off.



How many more things would you get done in a day if you didn’t spend an hour in bed scrolling aimlessly through social media without actually looking at anything? What would happen if you stopped watching YouTube all morning while you’re in bed, and out them on while you were tidying up with mess you made the night before? You’re still watching what you want too but getting jobs done at the same time (That’s what I’m doing now, YouTube on one side of the screen and WordPress on the other!)



If having the TV on in the background distracts you and you find yourself looking at the screen more than whatever job you’ve decided to do then you need it turn it off. Put on some music instead, nothing to watch that way.



Setting yourself a time limit sets up a competition like atmosphere for yourself. Obviously make sure that your time limit reflects what you need to get done in that time! I find that having a time limit stops me procrastinating so much. Sometimes I use the time limit to keep me off my phone, say I’m writing a piece of work, I’ll tell myself that I can only check my phone after doing 30 minutes of constant work, then spend a few minutes checking my phone replying to texts and checking notifications, use this break to get a drink or a snack, then do the same thing again.


These little tips can be used for whatever you’re trying to power through, whether its packing to go home or packing in that revision for your last exam!




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