Working when nothing works. 

Anyone who is self employed, works from home or is responsible for their own equipment has probably stumbled across a point in time where their most important tool for their work has suddenly crashed into a fiery pit of despair and drustruction which you can’t seem to pull it out off. 

Well, That’s currently where I am. 

My iMac suddently stopped working last week, which is a major problem considering that it’s my only tool to edit and upload my images. And, as my only Apple device, other than my iPhone, I can’t even access my photographs from my hardrive which is formatted for Apple products, woohoo. 

My phone may I add, is also cracked from top to bottom. 

It hurts even more that it comes after having a late night brainwave about how I can start to grow my company (about time!) 

‘That’s something that can be fixed’ and ‘don’t worry about it’ is something That people have said, And that would be so true, I could be going out and building my image database ready for when I’m back in action… but did I mention that after driving home last week I managed to go down a pot hole and give myself a flat tyre? That adds to my ever growing list of car problems that include needing new track rod ends and having a seriously temperamental starter motor! 

Yup, so that’s an iMac that won’t start, a hardrive that I can’t see, a cracked iPhone and a flat tyre, is that everything? I hope so 

After having a mini breakdown tonight (it was actually quite a big breakdown with tears, snot and swollen red eyes), I realised that although it really does feel like it, it’s not the end of the world, and to tackle the bigger picture I just needed to try and sort out one problem at a time. Something that I can just about achieve with help from everyone around me. 

As a newly started freelancer and having all these problems hit me at once has been a struggle, and really made me realise how difficult it is not to have a network of people who can help when these problems come up. This has given me annew goal to build up a team of people who can help me when it comes to areas that I’m my strong in, so I don’t have to wait weeks for someone to be able to come and look at my Mac, or ages to be able to afford all the parts I need for my car. I feel like having a strong team around you is the most important way to build a business, especially in something that can mean you’re alone a lot of the time. 

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