The Next Chapter

If anyone who reads this is also connected on my Facebook page (Plug: this is my facebook page if you want to ‘like’, , then you might already know that  I have been moving into selling my prints. My first craft fair is on Saturday (aaaaahhhh!) and although nervous and more than a little bit stressed, I am so exciting to hopefully be selling my work to the public and having people enjoy my work rather than just me.


Moving into this stream of work hasn’t been an easy choice. I knew that I wanted to sell my pictures but I wasnt sure of what way to go about it. Selling my prints means that I am naturally upping my exposure (even if I don’t actually make a physical sale), as well as having people see and enjoy my work rather than it sitting on my Mac and occasionally ending up on a blog post or on my Facebook timeline. So although it was a definite that this is what I wanted to do, deciding how to do it has been difficult.


I could have just gone down the route of selling online. Setting up an etsy page is easy, minimal selling fees and I don’t even have to leave my house to do it. But by doing that, I miss the interaction that is needed to sell my photographic services rather than just a print that will go on a wall.


I decided to sell my prints primarily to give myself more exposure, something that all new businesses need, especially mine, so selling exclusively online isnt going to be in the best interest for me. It’s coming up to a year now of being self employed, and although I have been busy working, it’s not necessary on my own work. Giving myself more exposure will, fingers crossed, bring in more work, which is something that i’m so excited to sink my teeth into.


This is why i decided to go down the route of Craft Fairs, to meet the people interested in my work, as well as upsell and convert it into selling my service rather than just products. It hasn’t been easy to get everything ready in time, my first fair is on Saturday and I still have a few things to get ready which is SCARY! It has also been expensive to get everything that I need, including gazebo and tables, as well as the actual prints themselves! Although expensive, this gives me the motivation to get selling and pay off those credit card bills!


After this event I will hopefully be also selling online as well as going to events and fairs, although i’m not sure on what medium to sell them on. If I get enough interest I might even sell them on the website?


I’ll keep everyone updated on where I am and what stock I have available on my Facebook page so if you haven’t liked it and want to know what’s going on, head over there and have a look, I promise that it will stay regularly updated.


I would also love to know what pictures of mine you think would look good printed, either as a plain print or on a canvas? Let me know and it might happen!

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