Last month we sadly had to say goodbye to Bentley, our British bulldog who featured plenty of times on this website.

The house was just too quiet without him.

The Edward Foundation is a charity that rescues, fosters, and find forever homes for British bulldogs all over the country.

We’ve been following them for months, looking at all the posters going up of dogs that were ready for adoption, along with all the bulldogs updates about how they were getting on

Bulldogs have the most quirky personalities, and seeing that everyday reminded us how much we wanted that in our home again, along with the crazy allergies, all the snoring and stubbornness!

We were matched with Biggy, the most gorgeous British Bulldog X, (we think with a dogue de Bordeaux)

He has a couple of eye problems, and an allergy to grass (surprise surprise) but he is the softest dog around, loves his tummy tickles and a tennis ball. He will often go around stealing tennis balls from other dogs because obviously, they are just so much better than his one!

The Edward Foundation have been brilliant from start to finish, helping us match a to a dog who would suit our family as well as his needs, and they got it spot on, we couldn’t have asked for a better dog, who has just settled right in, made this house his home


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