A quick update

Long spirally updates are out the window; in come the quick snappy updates


This year so far has been the year of property photography. With moving and trying to set up base in my new office space, I have been so very grateful for long standing working relationships. They take the strain out of booking appointments and takes away some of the admin jobs.


Up until today, I have photographed 7 houses this year, just less than one a week. This has been such a comfortable level of work with everything else going on this year so far, but I’m excited to try and push it more and bring in a lot more property work for the remainder of the year. I expect this will happen as the weather starts to look brighter and finally stops raining.

I have also had a taste of having clients over for a headshot session. When I have my studio set up better, fully furnished, and not so full of boxes, I can start to book in some headshot sessions. It’s not something I’ve done much of before in a studio setting, so that will be pushing me even further out of my normal comfort zones.

This year is really exciting in terms of potential and new photography ventures. As well as pushing property and more commercial shoots, I’m excited to go back outside (shocker, I know)  and take my camera with me. It’s something I always tend to do when I’ve hit a creative block, but because it’s so refreshing and mind clearing I definitely need to do it more. Expect a shed load of beautiful pictures heading this way.

I’m using my instagram much more frequently, so follow me over there at georgiaharemediaartist to see day to day updates as well as pictures of the houses i’ve been photographing on my grid.

These should be popping up on my facebook page time to time as well. I’ve fallen out of love with my facebook page recently, but with the recent boost in motivation and enthusiasm, i’ll be working on it in the next few months.


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