COVID – 19

The whole world is going mad because of the COVID- 19 Virus. I don’t blame them, for the elderly and vulnerable it could be deadly, for others it’s flu like symptoms, but flu is still horrible to have.

No matter how it is recepted by your own body, lots of people are going to suffer from this. For some, deadly, for others, a standard cold, and for the rest of us who have to self isolate, social distance ourselves and be basically house bound for 14 days, it is going to have both a mental and financial effect.

Although we are getting daily updates from the government, while this is being written, everything that is being sad is still advised and not a rule, and this is leaving a lot of people in a difficult situation where we have to decide for ourselves what the best way to proceed is.

As well as being a freelance photographer, I work in Toolstation part time. Although not a job choice that will directly affect my career, it pays my bills and helps me talk to other people who aren’t just on social media or potential clients. However, working, effectively, it retail, means that I am exposed to a whole range of people walking through those doors. The likelihood is that one of that is positive for Coronavirus or has been in proximity to someone who has.

While there is no full lockdown, I will still be working there. Unless I start displaying symptoms, or know that I have been in contact with the Coronavirus, I will be working. Apart from the occasional trip to the shop, I am trying hard to social distance, a precaution that will hopefully reduce the chances of spreading the virus further.

However, I am in a difficult place with my photography work.

Primarily, I am working mainly in property photography. I love this area of work and it’s doing me good in terms of consistency of work and potential to bring in a regular income. But it’s not something I can control in terms of hygiene, self isolation or reducing risk of contamination. I cannot move my work into my home any more than I already do.  I am aware that both myself or the owner of the house could be a carrier, the estate agent or the viewers. I am also so aware that some of the houses I visit have more elderly occupants, and I would hate to think that I am putting them in any sort of danger.

For the meantime, I am still taking bookings but taking extra precautions; washing my hands before and after every visit, keeping my equipment and  car sanitised to reduce any spread of germs, and making sure that I have limited contact with any furniture or household items in their house that could further spread to others hands.

Playing it day by day at the moment I think is the best idea, while trying to keep the infection potential as low as possible. Everyone else in the sector know what the situation is, so they are aware what could be around the corner in terms of a full lockdown or compulsory 14 day isolation. Transparency with any client or colleague is essential right now which is why I have spoken them all to explain how I am feeling about the situation.

I would be interested to see what others in a similar position to me is planning to do in the near future about this, and whether they have any plans in place incase we have to go on a total lockdown.

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