What have I been doing during lockdown?

Over the last few weeks I have seen so many inventive ways from photographers in how to keep busy

I think the FaceTime/Zoom photoshoots are ingenious, social distancing done right!

I love how everyone have managed to adapt to keep their businesses running though this weird and confusing time. A lot of us have never experienced something this so it’s new to us.

A selection of books that I have at home that I have time to appreciate

Having this time to at home has allowed me to look at what I have at home, help relax my mind and let it grow; as well as look back on what I have achieved and managed so far

A book that I created as part of my Documentary module in University

As many people know, I’m still working my part time job, which is classed as an essential business, so I’m not at home during the day. It means that I haven’t been able to think of a way to carry on my work. Plus a lot of my work just wouldn’t work through something like video call.

Although lockdown is hard hard on body and mind, I’ve taken a different approach to many and used it as a time to purposefully slow down in terms of work and get stuff done that I hate doing, but still needed to be done.

Because I have just moved house, I have taken this time to redecorate what will be my office/studio space. I’ve painted all the walls white, which has made a huge difference to the amount of light that bounces around the space. Any photographer knows that making sure you make as much use of natural light is so important, especially in a small space.

It’s forced me to sort through paperwork, so much paperwork! I still had so much stuff from years ago that I didn’t need anymore, but just kept because it meant sorting through it. I’ve got myself prettier folder to put everything in, and given myself incentives to do it.

I’ve been ruthless with my belongings.

Haven’t used it in x amount of years? Throw it away.

Kept it because I thought it might be useful but instead is just taken up space? Donate it.


Although I am taking advantage of not working… I still can’t wait to get back to working

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